Water Resource Engineering

New regulations, public pressures, combined with a host of environmental considerations such as non-point source have made the job of domestic and industrial wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal more challenging than ever.

IMS provides a full spectrum of services.  Our staff of engineers, planners, scientists, and financial management specialists with their thorough understanding of federal and state regulations, public concerns, and environmental issues help clients turn goals into achivements.

Municipal Engineering
Planning, Design, Program Management and Construction

IMS' services include feasibility studies and facility plans, project designs, plans, specifications and contract documents, program management, operations and maintenance assistance and training, permitting support, financial capability analyses, and construction management for water and wastewater facilities for municipalities and regional water and sewer agencies throughout the United States and abroad.

Transfer Pump Stations

Houston Texas

Sewer Pumping Stations

New Orleans, Louisiana

Plant Improvements

Jackson, Mississippi

Wastewater Treatment

New Orleans, Louisiana

Water Resource Management
Innovative and Cost Saving Solutions.

IMS provides the full complement of planning, engineering, construction, and operations services in drinking water, wastewater, and water resource management to serve the needs of our public and private-sector clients.  We craft integrated water resources management strategies to make the most of limited resources while serving multiple stakeholders.

Design Engineer

Harris County, Texas

Flood Retarding Dams

Vicksburg, Mississippi 

Water Main

Jackson, Mississippi

Portable Water

Republic of Gabon, Africa

Water and Wastewater Engineering

 Water Resources and Supply

 Water Transmission and Supply

 Water Transmission and Distribution Design

 Water Collection,Pumpingand Treatment Design

 System Operation and Maintenance

 System Vulnerability Assessments

 Utility Optimization

 Bio-solids Management and Practices

 Construction Engineering and Inspection

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering

 Storm-water Management

 Storm-water Collection

 Storm-water Pumping and Storage

 Open Channel Design

 Digital Watershed and Floodplain Studies

 Stream Restoration and Bank Stabilization

 Floodwater Retarding Structure Design

 Dams and Reservoirs Analysis and Design

 Bridge Scour Studies